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01. Financial Planning

As we Begin to Build a Plan

Remember, we cannot predict the future, nor can we control the results. No one can. Desired results stem from creating the right conditions through careful planning and cultivating a healthy mindset about the progress you are making. We’ll help you manage risk and devise an all-weather investment strategy that creates the perfect environment for achieving results.

Educate then Execute

We make certain to fully answer all of your questions and explain our rationale. This almost always involves an in-depth view of your financial circumstances, an understanding of what you want to achieve over the short term and long term, and an assessment of your financial expertise and your risk tolerance.

Our Process


Take control of your financial future with a trusted partner who will always work to serve your best interests. As your trusted advisory council, we take our fiduciary responsibilities very seriously. In fact, it’s the foundation of our business and at the core of every decision we make. To that end, we think you should know what you can expect from OFG Princeton Center.

 100+ Years of Accumulated Planning Experience

What To Expect From Us

CLEAR COMMUNICATION - You have a right to open lines of communication with your advisor. Moreover, as your advisory counsel, our goal is to provide you with information before the question arises. 


ACTIVE LISTENING - We’ll stop talking and start listening. That way we can deeply understand your goals and develop a plan that helps you achieve them. 


TRUSTED ADVISORS - You will hear our words and ideas, not those of our assistants or junior advisors (we don’t have any). We recognize that the discussions we hold with you often represent the most consequential conversations that you will ever have with anyone. 


DATA-DRIVEN ADVICE - You are entitled to a detailed, well-researched, and finely calibrated financial plan that suits your lifestyle. 


TRANSPARENCY - You are entitled to steadfast guidance in the face of adversity. That means that if there is a difficult conversation to be had, we won’t beat around the bush. Expect to be in-the-know and up to date on what is happening throughout your financial planning journey.

RESPECT - Your relationship with your financial advisor is one of the most important you’ll ever engage in. You’re entrusting us with your life’s hard work, expect nothing less than for us to treat you with dignity and respect during every interaction.

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