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03. Insurance and Annuities

Life Insurance and Long-Term Care

Part of building for the long-term involves taking a long look down the road ahead and planning for potential future scenarios. After spending a whole life building and managing your wealth, it’s important to make certain that all of your hard work can’t be unraveled because of an unexpected event like an accident or a critical illness. A sound financial plan ought to safeguard you against the unexpected so that you and your loved ones can continue without suffering financial loss or having to alter your lifestyle. 


More importantly, addressing your insurance needs for tomorrow will give you peace of mind today -- and peace of mind is an invaluable resource. 

Annuities (Fixed, Indexed, Variable and Multi-Year Guarantee)

There are many different types of annuities. Some offer fixed interest for specific periods of time like a CD, some are based on market indexes and some are variable, and could be described as tax deferred mutual funds.  They all come with different expenses, commitments and guarantees.  We make it a point to act in your best interest in explaining them and matching you with the best one's to fit your financial plan.

Offill Financial Group

Request a Free Review


It is very important to review your annuity and be absolutely certain that the promises made by the issuing company are "ATTAINABLE".  Too often annuities are issued with un-realistic guarantees and owners of these policies end up with underperforming assets.  We will review them for you and help you maximize your Investment. 

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