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02. Investments

Investments Planning

When it comes to investment planning, it’s important to get it right the first time. We expertly manage client investment portfolios, prioritizing long-term goals and achieving shorter-term benchmarks along the way. Client portfolios are well diversified across complementary asset classes, including stocks, bonds, private equity holdings, and insurance products.


Stress tests, crash tests, risk and return analysis and our knowledge of clients’ objectives help us determine the right investment mix. In addition, we leverage our understanding of the current socio-economic climate and conduct ongoing comprehensive market analysis to help clients benefit from opportunities that present themselves in our world today. 


Bound by a fiduciary standard, clients always receive objective, well-researched advice with fee-and-tax efficiency. That said, even without our fiduciary duty to uphold, we would always act in the best interest of our clients. Many of whom are friends and family. 

Princeton Center Planning and Investments

Request an Investment Review

We will review your investments and compare them with the Asset Allocation that is right for you. Then we will Stress Test your retirement savings to see how it will perform in worst case situations as well as High Inflation periods.

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