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05. Estate Planning / Business Succession Planning

Estate Planning / Business Succession Planning

When the time comes to pass the torch, a smooth and successful transition for your Family and your business makes moving on to the next phase of your life a little easier. Whether you are simply planning your estate as parent or a as business owner it's important to have all your documents working together and not against each other to reduce head aches.


When transferring ownership within your family or otherwise, it's important to make certain the business and Family will continue beyond you.  This is a very important phase and requires diligent planning. Our unique approach to estate and succession planning encompasses your personal and business situation and is part of a complete financial strategy.


As experienced consultants in the complexities of effective business succession planning, we drive the process and manage all of the moving parts required to plan for an efficient transfer of your business. 

 72 Years of Accumulated Practice 

Request a No Cost Consultation

We will review your existing documents and discuss your goals and make certain all of your documents support a smooth and tax efficient transition. 

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