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04. Taxes, Planning and Accounting

Tax Planning

Few financial topics create the kind of emotional reaction that taxes do. A spike in anxiety, a momentary flicker of outrage, an inevitable feeling of defeat when the Uncle Sam comes knocking -- you’d be hard-pressed to find somebody that enjoys the process of dealing with their tax obligations. Fortunately, planning for your financial future by focussing on tax-advantaged strategies can alleviate the aforementioned. 


It’s said that there are only two certainties in life; death & taxes! There’s not much we can do to avoid the former, but when it comes to minimizing your overall tax burden in the long-term, there’s a lot that can be done.


Tax-advantaged financial planning starts long before the date you file your tax returns. Strategic tax planning is about having the foresight to see potential tax liabilities before they even arise. It’s about choosing investment vehicles and developing a portfolio that minimizes taxes when it matters most -- when you need to begin drawing an income. It’s also about maximizing tax refunds and guiding you to realizing tax-friendly investment returns. OFG Princeton Center will shoulder-to-shoulder with you to create tax-advantaged strategies that guide you through retirement without the worry of incurring surprise tax penalties.

 More than 100 Years of  Tax and Accounting Experience

Request a Free Review

There are few things as scary and tedious as tax season.  We will provide you a free review of your taxes and a summary of where we think that improvements can be made to help you save money.  

If you are exploring pricing for Tax Preparation, we will be happy to review last years taxes and give you a price to do them for you.

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